Davis Forest School is a non-profit outdoor education and nature play organization building community through land-based programming.

Our passion is getting kids outside! Our goal is to promote and cultivate understanding of and empathy for the natural world, and for the local bioregion–the ecosystem of Putah Creek and the lower Sacramento River watershed–in particular, through encouraging exploration and curiosity, facilitating free play, and guiding children in artistic creation, active games, hiking, and quiet observation. We use a variety of gentle, age-appropriate teaching and mentoring methods to facilitate positive experiences between children and the natural world.

Davis Forest School has a mission to promote environmental justice through acknowledging the Indigenous history of the land and forging connections with local Indigenous individuals and organizations, and also through offering accessible and welcoming programming, raising money through grants and donations to offer reparations-based scholarships to Black and Indigenous families, and need-based scholarships to economically disadvantaged families.