Forest school provides a beautiful opportunity for uninterrupted nature play, exploration, adventure, problem solving, and developing friendships. Our family has loved participating over the years! The mentors have a gentle and affirming approach to interacting with the children.

– a parent

Forest school has been an amazing experience for my son. He was able to completely be himself while immersed in nature. Digging, whittling and swimming were some of his favorite activities. He loved to come home and tell stories about different things he learned (some fiction, some non fiction). We have signed up for summer camp and also plan to return next year!

– Heather

Forest School continues to be one of my daughter’s most anticipated activities of the week. Candice is so kind and supportive of all the kids and the Mentors have all been equally as fantastic. You can tell it is just such a joyful atmosphere where everybody feels a sense of belonging. We are so thankful we have access to such a wonderful program.

– a parent

A huge thank you for making these past two sessions so amazing and special and enriching. The kids love it so much, and so do I for them. You all have added so much value, kindness, fun, exploration, MUD, and the kids are so fortunate to experience and have access to this program, and to you all. It’s been a gift for our whole family. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-a parent

This program fuels my child’s soul and spirit. The special and creative freedom he is given is unlike any program he’s been in before, and I’m overjoyed with his experience in this space.


Davis Forest School provided an amazing experience for my child to explore nature in an educational and safe way with guidance from experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Even as the youngest member of the class, and first time enrolled in a drop-off program, my child thrived in the Forest School environment. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering it.


I worried that being kept away from people for more than a year during the pandemic would stall my son’s social/emotional development. One week into Forest School I knew he would be fine. To be surrounded by like minded kids who were as curious, playful, empathetic, and silly like him, was just what we both needed coming off the year long quarantine. He made so many friends. My son also learned so much about nature, land acknowledgment, and all the things that make up the great outdoors. We know it is a privilege to take part in this school and are very grateful for the opportunity.

– Katie

We just experienced the magic of Forest School for the first time and can’t wait to sign up for more sessions! We loved the opportunity to explore and learn more about Putah Creek! The teachers were great and created a supportive environment where our son was comfortable expanding his comfort zone. We can’t say enough good things about this wonderful program!

– a parent

DFS has been an absolute gift to us. The location is magical, the mentors caring and knowledgeable, and the structure has been the right balance of free exploration and suggested activity for our daughter. The guidance has been gentle and respectful and our 5 year old is thriving with the independence she’s allowed to exercise in the program.

– a parent

As parents, we seek every opportunity to help our daughter find joy and possibility in the natural world. We’re privileged to have Davis Forest School as a partner and guide on this journey. To see your child embrace the outdoors with an unfettered spirit of discovery and play renews your soul and reminds you just how pure happiness can be.

– Mark

Our son loves forest school! With kids cooped up inside so much in regular school, we love for him to have the opportunity to explore, run, play and be in nature. He loves the creativity and inventiveness that he can express with all of the kids there.

– Kelcey

I must say, my tactile sensitive child who always wanted to be indoors is now looking for every opportunity to find bugs and dig in the dirt. Thanks to him, I enjoy being outdoors these days as well! He told me yesterday while in the car that he doesn’t ‘like’ seeing cars and people and streets and signals but instead prefers to see birds and trees and bugs and nature. And that being in nature is so much better than screentime. Filled my soul.

– B.

My daughter loved Forest School. In the car ride home after an afternoon tromping around the creek, she was always bursting with stories of finding stink bugs, painting with elderberries, and catching frogs.

– Elizabeth

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